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Maths CAF
  1. A stem + leaf diagram must always have a key
    1. Mode is the number with the highest frequency
      1. Range is the smallest number takeaway the biggest number
        1. Mean is all the numbers added and divided by 2
          1. Median is all the numbers smallest to biggest and then you find the middle number
            1. if there are 2 then plus them and then halve ti
              1. Area of triangles is bxh / 2
                1. Area is the space within a 2D shape measured in cm2, m2, km2 etc,
                  1. Perimeter is distance around a 2D shape
                    1. ratio is written as 1:2
                      1. Direct proportion is as one amount increases another increases by the same proportion
                        1. Proportion is comparing a part to a whole
                          1. Ratio is comparing a part to another part
                            1. respectively means in the order that it is written
                              1. to divide fractions KFC keep it, flip it, change it!
                                1. To multiply fractions time the denominator with the opposite one and the numerator with there opposite one
                                  1. Always show your working out because you could get an extra mark
                                    1. A percentage always totals to 100%
                                      1. If you dont know the answer write something down anyway
                                        1. Vertices are corners of a 3D shape
                                          1. BIDMAS
                                            1. brackets
                                              1. indices
                                                1. division
                                                  1. multiplacation
                                                    1. adding
                                                      1. subtraction
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