GCSE ICT Mindmap

George Carley
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George Carley
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Mind map of a few ICT topics

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GCSE ICT Mindmap
  1. Email Protocols
    1. IMAP 4 (Internet Message Access Protocol: emails are pushed directly to the mobile phone and a copy is kept on both the server and the client device. IMAP allows simultaneous access by multiple clients.
      1. POP 3 (Post Office Protocol): requires users to access email via an internet mail account and the email is then deleted from the server once it is sent to the client device
      2. Computer Peripherals
        1. Input
          1. Monitor
            1. Touch Screen
              1. Keyboards
                1. Pointing Devices
                  1. Scanner
                    1. Graphic Tablets
                      1. Webcams
                        1. Games Controllers
                        2. Output
                          1. Printer
                            1. Plotter
                              1. Speakers/Headsets
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