Health Mind map

Sophiemay Thomas
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Health Mind Map

Sophiemay Thomas
Created by Sophiemay Thomas over 3 years ago
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Health Mind map
1 Heart Disease
1.1 Causes
1.1.1 Genetic Factors
1.1.2 Lifestyle Choices Smoking Lack of regular exercise Become overweight Have high blood pressure High level of cholesterol in their blood Stress Leading to fast heart rate Alcohol Poor diet
1.1.3 Diabetes
1.1.4 Age
1.1.5 High blood pressure
1.2 Effects
1.2.1 Unstable Angina
1.2.2 Heart Failure
1.2.3 Heart attack
1.2.4 Death
2 Cancers
2.1 Causes
2.1.1 Smoking
2.1.2 Obesity/weight
2.1.3 Alcohol
2.1.4 Physical activity
2.1.5 Poor Diet
2.1.6 Sun/UV
2.1.7 Air pollution
2.1.8 Infections and HPV
2.1.9 Hormones
2.1.10 Inherited genes
2.2 Effects
2.2.1 Local Overgrowth/ Tumors
2.2.2 Cancer spreading to other sites
2.2.3 Weight loss
2.2.4 Decreased resistance to infection
3 Liver Damage
3.1 Causes
3.1.1 Obesity
3.1.2 Undiagnosed Hepatitis Infection (A, B, C, D, and E)
3.1.3 Alcool Misuse
3.1.4 Drugs Excessive amounts of acetaminophen Vicodin Norco Statins
3.1.5 Iron Overload (hemochromatosis)
3.2 Effects
3.2.1 Abnormal levels of fats in the bloodstream
3.2.2 Excessive Weight Gain
3.2.3 Haemorrhooids
3.2.4 Gallstones
3.2.5 Hypoglycemia
3.2.6 Type 2 Diabetes
3.2.7 Liver Failure
4 Kidney Damage
4.1 Causes
4.1.1 High Blood Pressure Age Genetic Factors Lack of Exercise Obesity Smoking Excessive Alcohol Consumption High Salt in Diet Stress
4.1.2 Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)
4.1.3 pyelonephritis (infection in the kidney)
4.1.4 polycystic kidney disease (an inherited condition where both kidneys are larger than normal due to the gradual growth of masses of cysts)
4.1.5 failure of normal kidney development in an unborn baby while developing in the womb
4.1.6 systemic lupus erythematosus (a condition of the immune system where the body attacks the kidney as if it were foreign tissue)
4.1.7 long-term, regular use of medicines, such as lithium and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including aspirin and ibuprofen
4.1.8 blockages, for example due to kidney stones or prostate disease
4.2 Effects
4.2.1 Tiredness
4.2.2 swollen ankles, feet or hands (due to water retention)
4.2.3 abnormal heart rhythms
4.2.4 Sudden Death
4.2.5 Kidney Failure
4.2.6 Shortness of breath
4.2.7 Fatigue
4.2.8 Confusion
4.2.9 Seizures or Epilepsy
4.2.10 Coma
4.2.11 Chest pain or pericarditis, an inflammation of the membrane that envelops the heart
5 Strokes
5.1 Causes
5.1.1 Smoking
5.1.2 High Blood Pressure
5.1.3 High Cholesterol Levels
5.1.4 Obesity
5.1.5 Excessive alcohol intake
5.1.6 Stress
5.2 Effects
5.2.1 Left side Paralysis on the left side of the body Vision problems Quick, inquisitive behavioral style Memory Loss
5.2.2 Right Side Paralysis on the right side of the body Speech/language problems Slow, cautious behavioral style Memory Loss
6 Obesity
6.1 Causes
6.1.1 Calories stored as fat
6.1.2 Poor diet
6.1.3 Lack of Physical Activity
6.1.4 Genetics
6.1.5 Medical Conditions
6.1.6 Smoking
6.1.7 Age
6.1.8 Lack of Sleep
6.2 Effects
6.2.1 Type 2 diabetes
6.2.2 Stroke
6.2.3 coronary heart disease
6.2.4 Certain Cancers Breast Cancer Bowel Cncer

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