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Electronics and Control Systems GCSE

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1 Materials, Processes and Practices
1.1 Plastics
1.1.1 Charecteristics Electrical Insulator Thermal Insulator Weather Ressistant Chemical Ressistant Corrosion Resistant Heat Resistant Many Colours Easily Shaped and Formed Self Lubricating Impact Resistant
1.1.2 Types Thermoplastics Acrylic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) High Impact Polystyrene Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Nylon Thermosetting Plastics Glass Reinenforced Plastics Epoxy Resin
1.2 Timbers
1.2.1 Types Hardwoods Mahogany Beach Softwood Pine Manufactured Boards Plywood MDF
1.2.2 Charecteristics Grain Pattern Colour Texture Workability Structural Strength
1.3 Metals
1.3.1 Types Non-Ferrous Aluminium Duralumin Copper Brass Ferrous Mild Steel
1.3.2 Charecteristics Brittleness Tensile Strength Elasticity Ductillity Malleabillity Hardness Toughness
1.4 Smart Materials
1.4.1 Optical Fibre
1.4.2 Smart Cable
1.4.3 Piezo Transducer
1.4.4 Solar Cell
1.4.5 Thermocolour Sheet
1.4.6 Liquid Crystal Display
1.4.7 Smart Wire
1.4.8 Quantum Tunnelling Composite
1.5 Injection and Blow Moulding
1.6 Vacuum Forming and Line Bending
1.7 PCB Design
1.8 PCB Producion
1.9 PCB Assembly
1.10 Computer Aided Manufacture
1.11 Consumer Protection and Enviroment
1.12 Scales of Production
1.12.1 One Off
1.12.2 Batch Production
1.12.3 Mass Production
1.12.4 Continues Production
1.12.5 Just in Time Production
2 Basic Principles and Electronic Components
2.1 Diodes
2.2 Capacitors in series and paralel
2.3 Batteries
2.3.1 Types Lithium (non Rechargeable) Silver Oxide Nickel Cadmium (Rechargeable) Zinc Carbon Alkaline
2.4 Mechanical Switches
2.4.1 Types Single Pole Single Throw Single Throw Double Throw Double Throw Double Pole
2.4.2 Real life examples Types Push Micro Slide Rocker Vibration Tilt Toggle Proximity Reed Rotary Key
2.5 Electronics Circuit Symbols


  • See Flash Cards
2.5.1 See Flash Cards
2.6 LDRs and Thermisters
2.6.1 LDR If dark resistance rises to 10k If light resistance falls to 1K
2.6.2 Thermister If hot resistance falls If Cold resistance increses
2.7 Resistor Power Ratings
2.8 Capacitors
2.8.1 Uses Create Time Delays (monostable) Control Frequency or pulse generates (Astable) Smooth the input across power supply
2.8.2 Measurments 1 Microfarad 1 Nanofarad 1 Picofarad
2.9 Potential Dividers
2.9.1 Same Then Half the volatge
2.9.2 Bottom higher then higher than half
2.9.3 Top higher then less than half
2.10 Resistors
2.11 Resistors in series and parallel
2.12 Ohms Law
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