Brain (inside)


A visual of the divisions of the brain that I need to know about within my biological psychology module of my first year of undergraduate Psychology degree at UoN.
Rachael Jones
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Rachael Jones
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Brain (inside)
  1. Hindbrain/ Rhombencephalon
    1. Metencephalon
      1. Cerebellum
        1. Pons
        2. Myencephalon
          1. Medulla Oblongata
        3. Midbrain
          1. /.Mesencephalon
            1. Tectum
              1. Superior Colliculi
                1. Inferior Colliculi
                2. Tegmentum
              2. Forebrain/ Prosencephalon
                1. Telencephalon
                  1. Basal Ganglia
                    1. Caudate nucleus
                      1. Putamen
                        1. Globus pallidus
                        2. Limbic System
                          1. Limbic Cortex
                            1. Hippocampus
                              1. Fornix
                                1. Mamillary bodies
                                  1. Amygdala
                                  2. Cerebral cortex
                                  3. Diencephalon
                                    1. Thalamus
                                      1. Hypothalamus
                                        1. Anterior/ Posterior
                                          1. Ventral-medial/ Lateral
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