How did the 'final solution' emerge

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How did the 'final solution' emerge
  1. Long Term Causes
    1. Hitler Ideology
      1. Followed a policy of Gradualism
        1. 1920 - 25-point programme
          1. 1924 - Mein Kampf Written
            1. 1933 - SA stage a boycott of Jewish shops
              1. 1935- Nuremberg Race Laws
                1. 1938 - Kristallnacht
                  1. 1939 - Speech about the 'annihilation of the Jewish Race in Europe'
                    1. 1941 - Star of David had to be worn
      2. Chaotic Regime
        1. action from below forced those above to make policy
          1. Neither the 1933 Boycott or Kristallnacht were initiated by Hitler
            1. First Gassing carried out against Gypsy children in Buchenwald
              1. Lublin Ghetto 1941 - constructed gassing facilities
                1. Lodi Ghetto 1941 - Jews shot and gassed in vans
                2. Einsatzgruppen (SA division) go behind Russian invasion to shoot
                  1. 1942 Wannsee Conference discussed logistics and transport
              2. Short Term Causes
                1. Course of WW1
                  1. Other Solutions were made impossible
                    1. Heyrich suggested deporting Jews to Madagascar in 1940, to do this they would need naval control
                      1. Also Suggested deporting to Urals, would need victory over Russia
                        1. Idea to be used as a bargaining chip to America failed when in 1941 the US said they would shoot all German ships in sight
                        2. Increased the number of Jews under the Regimes control
                          1. 1939 Invasion of Poland brings 3 million extra Jews
                          2. Gauleiters in the West could either exterminate or deport, Gauleiters in the East could only exterminate
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