Mr Bennet

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GCSE English (character studies) Mind Map on Mr Bennet, created by isa sofia on 02/13/2014.

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Mr Bennet
1 Married to Mrs Bennet
1.1 Very incompatible
1.2 Will quite often mock his wife
2 Spends most of his time in his library
3 He is intelligent and has a sense of humour
3.1 This helps his relationship with Lizzie
4 Has five daughters
4.1 Lizzie and Jane are his favourites
5 He is not a good father and often neglects his daughters
5.1 Let Lydia come out into society too young
5.2 Allows Lydia to travel to Brighton which results very badly
5.2.1 She runs away with Mr Wickham
5.2.2 He has to chase after them to get Mr Wickham to marry Lydia
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