LTM and the very big picture

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LTM and the very big picture
1 ELT materials 1950s - 1980s
1.1 Social events affect materials
1.1.1 1950s/60s Cold war Reflect in Scientific approach English pattern practice
1.1.2 1960s/70s Flower power Humanistic methodologies naturalistic approach, silent way, suggestopedia Do it yourself
1.1.3 1970s/80s Individuals' linguistics wants and needs Special purposes Person centered activity Learning to learn english "Me decade" Social moves communicative language teaching movement Democratisation of language
2 New imperatives on materials design
2.1 standardised view of language
2.2 McDonaldization
2.2.1 Based in efficiency and total predictability Caged Two-page workplans, standarised into ostensible "50 minutes lesson" Units, modules, blocks, themes. Exercises routinized plans for classroom world, globally prescribe.
2.3 Neoliberalism
2.3.1 Physical product or intangible service
2.3.2 Successful Atomisation Specification of goods and services
2.3.3 Monetisation Monetary values Language certification A1- A2 - B1 ...
3 Conclusion
3.1 produce materials with
3.1.1 potential Create unique outcomes
4 Production of materials
4.1 Relatated
4.1.1 Social and historical aspects Social phenomena
4.2 Cultural artifacts
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