Distribution of organisms

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Distribution of organisms
1 Organisms live in different places because the environment changes.
1.1 A habitat is the place where an animal lives.
1.2 The distribution of an organism is where that organism is found e.g in part of a playing field.
1.3 Where an organism is found is affected by environmental factors.
1.3.1 Such as: Temperature, Amount of light, availability of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nutrients.
1.4 An organism might be more common in one area than another due to differences in environmental factor between the 2 areas.
1.4.1 For example, in a field you might find that daisies are more common in the open than under trees, as there is more light available in the open.
1.5 There are a couple of ways to study the distribution of organisms.
1.5.1 You can: Measure how common an organism is in 2 sample areas and compare them or Study how the distribution changes across and area.
2 Quadrants are used to study the distribution of small organisms.
2.1 A quadrant is a square frame enclosing a known area e.g 1m square. Used to compare how how common an organism is in 2 sample areas by:
2.1.1 1) Place a 1m square quadrant on the ground at random point within the first sample area. E.g divide the quadrant up into a grid and use a number generator to pick a square.
2.1.2 2) Count all the organisms within that quadrant.
2.1.3 3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as you can.
2.1.4 4) work out the mean number of organisms per quadrant within the first sample area.
2.1.5 5) Repeat steps 1 - 4 in another sample area.
2.1.6 6) Finally compare the 2 means. E.g you might find 2 daisies per m square in tthe shade and 22 in the open (a lot more).
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