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consumer behaviour

Resource summary

  1. One's self-concept and personality influence buying behaviour
    1. Useful in analysing consumer brand choices
        1. Idea that brands have personality and consumers choose brands which matches their own personality
          1. Brand
            1. Specific mix of human traits that may be attributed to a certain brand
              1. Consumers choose & use brands which personality is consistent with their actaul self-concept
                1. Sometimes match based on consumer's ideal self -concept
                2. Aaker's 7 brand personalities model
                  1. Sincerity
                    1. Excitement
                      1. Competence
                        1. Sophistication
                          1. Passionate
                            1. Peacefulness
                              1. Ruggedness
                                1. Cultural differences
                                  1. "Passion" dimension in Spain
                                    1. "Passive likeableness" in Korea
                                  2. CB Application
                                    1. 1. Celebrity
                                      1. Endorsers- personality of celebrity transferedto brand Eg. Serena Williams -NIKE
                                      2. 2. User Imagery
                                        1. Typical users with types of activities engaged Eg. PEPSi- Young, fun
                                        2. 3. Executional factors
                                          1. includes "how" core msg communicated Eg. MacDonalds logo -Youthfulness
                                      3. SELF-CONCEPT
                                        1. Referencing him/ herself as an object, totality of one's thoughts & feelings
                                          1. One's perception of and feelings towards himself
                                            1. Composed of attitudes one hold towards themselves
                                              1. Actual
                                                1. Private self- How I actually see myself
                                                  1. Social self- How others actually see me
                                                  2. Ideal
                                                    1. Private self: How i would like to see myself
                                                      1. Social self: How I would like others to see me
                                                      2. CB Application
                                                        1. Important in all culture
                                                          1. Aspects most valued and influenced consumption varies across cultures
                                                            1. Extended Self: slide 143-146
                                                            2. 2 Other Classifications
                                                              1. Independent
                                                                1. Western Culture
                                                                  1. Emphasise personal goals, characteristics & achievement desires
                                                                    1. Define oneself based on what they've done, what they have,personal attributes
                                                                    2. Interdependent
                                                                      1. Common Asian belief
                                                                        1. Emphasise family, cultural professional & social r/s
                                                                          1. Define oneself based on social roles, family r/s commonalities with others in the group
                                                                        2. Self-concept to position products
                                                                          1. Attempt to get ideal self-concept or maintain self-concept by purchasing and consuming products, services, media
                                                                            1. Prefer brand matches self-concept/ personality
                                                                          2. Leads to avoidance
                                                                            1. Maintain and enhance self concept not only by consumption but also what is avoided. Eg. Meat
                                                                          3. R/s b/wn self-concept & brand image
                                                                            1. Slide 157-158
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