Topic 2: Quantitative Analysis

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Topic 2: Quantitative Analysis
1 An equation of a reaction will tell you: how many particles of reactants and products there are, how many moles there are & how many grams there are
1.1 C + O2 = CO2 ...... 1 atom of carbon, 1 mol of atoms and 12 grams
2 A mole is a measure of the amount of substance. A mole of any element always has the same amount of particles as any other element (6.0225 x 10'23)
2.1 The mass of a mole of any element is the same as the RAM of that element e.g. carbon's RAM = 12, 12 g of carbon in 1 mole
3 Relative formula mass (RFM) = the RAM's of all a compounds component elements added together e.g. CO2 = 12 + (16x2) = 44
4 Mass(g) = RAM or RFM x no. of moles
5 Concentration is a measure of the amount of solute in 1 cubic decimetre of solution. (gdm'3)
5.1 1dm'3 = 1000cm'3
5.2 Conc (gdm'3) = mass (g) / volume of solution (dm'3)
6 Concentration can also be measured in moles per cubic decimetre (mol dm'3)
6.1 amount (mol) = concentration (mol dm'3) x volume (dm'3)
7 The mass of solute can be measured by evaporating all the water and measuring the mass of the solid left behind
7.1 mass of solute = (mass of container + solute) - mass of container
7.2 Mass of solvent = (mass of container + solution) - (mass of container + solute)
8 Neutrilisation with titration : hydrogen ions from acid combine with hydroxide ions from alkali to make water.(neutral) H + OH = H20
8.1 acid + base = salt + water
9 Salts from insoluble bases: a commonly used insoluble base is copper oxide which produces the salt copper sulfate when mixed with sulfuric acid
9.1 Excess copper oxide is added to a measure volume of sulfuric acid until there is evidence of copper oxide left behind.
9.1.1 It is then filtered to remove the CuO which leaves a solution of copper sulfate. The water can then be evaporated off after it has been washed with distilled water to remove impurities
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