L.T.M. a Very Big Picture

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L.T.M. a Very Big Picture
1 There is "influenced" by the social context
1.1 Materials
1.1.1 The Design involves Interaction between teacher and learner in relations of maing desitions
1.1.2 The role of it is What society try to looking for keeping the same line of homogenety among people, something that has to be done in places of socialization like the church, the T.V., ans specially the EDUCATION Cultural artifacts Materials development has begun to answer imperatives outside of English classroom teaching Correspondence Principal Between internal school arganization of a capitalist workforce
1.1.3 Can be considered as Pedagogical values
2 History
2.1 1960
2.1.1 Reject the mainstream
2.1.2 There are different alternatives to do the things
2.1.3 This influenced the different ways to teach
2.2 1970
2.2.1 From colectivism to individualism
2.2.2 This is the "Me Decade"
2.2.3 In this way arises the creation of tools for the individual particular needs Learners have different styles and ways to learn Memoring Meaning Method Silent Way Suggeastopidia
2.3 1980
2.3.1 McDonalization Estandarize rules and routines in the daily life; it is a society "caged" In relation to education, is seen in the material used in classes presents how teachers abd students have to act and what to say
2.3.2 Neoliberalism Primacy of "The Market" → Mercantilist Education Universal homogeneus state How to face it? Experimenting more than give all the answers
2.3.3 Birth of Communicative Language Teaching (TLC) Not how language SHOULD but how people USE it

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