Treaty of Versailles

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An overview of the Treaty of Versailles, the main points and the attitudes surrounding it.

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Treaty of Versailles
1 War Guilt
1.1 Germany had to accept blame for starting the war
2 Reparations
2.1 Germany had to pay for the war (about 6.6 billion)
3 Anschluss Forbidden
3.1 The joining of Austria and Hungary was forbidden
4 League of Nations
5 The 'Big Three'
5.1 Georges Clemenceau (France)
5.2 Woodrow Wilson (America)
5.3 Lloyd George (Britain)
6 Demilitiarisation
7 Attitudes towards the Treaty
7.1 French
7.1.1 Wanted revenge
7.1.2 Wanted to ensure that their homeland would not be invaded again by the Germans. This involved making the Germans as weak as possible.
7.2 German
7.2.1 Thought that the treat was a diktat, that they had no say in it
7.3 British
7.3.1 Moderate view
7.4 American
7.4.1 Weak view, just wanted peace
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