IT Service Management

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IT Service Management
1 A service delivers value to customers by facilitating desired outcomes without the customers owning certain costs & risks
1.1 Core services -> delivers basic outcomes
1.2 Enabling services -> needed to deliver core services
1.3 Enhancing services -> enticing additives that are not essential
2 An IT service is made up of people, processes & technology
3 Value
3.1 Services create value
3.2 Value is the level to which a service meets the customer's expectations
3.3 Value is defined by customers
3.4 Value of a service is based on utility and warranty
3.4.1 Utility the functionality offered by a product/service derived from how well a service enhances customer's performance or if the service removes or reduces constraints on the customer's performance is about what the service does; is it fit for purpose?
3.4.2 Warranty is about how the service is delivered; is it fit for use? assurance that the product / service meets the requirements derives from service's availability, capacity, continuity and security
4 Service mgmnt transforms capabilities and resources into valuable services
5 IT Service Mgmnt delivers IT services to meet business needs with a mixed approach of people, process and IT
6 ITSM is comprised of functions and processes to manage services
7 ITSM focuses on strategy, design, transition, operation and continual improvement
8 Service Mgmnt Stakeholders
8.1 Customers
8.1.1 Internal customers
8.1.2 External customers
8.2 Users
8.3 Suppliers
9 Processes
9.1 structured set of activities designed to achieve a specific objective
9.2 Process Model -> causes higher efficiency by defining activities, inputs and outputs
9.2.1 Involves measurement and management of activities
9.2.2 Must have a process owner
9.2.3 Triggered by events
10 Functions
10.1 team or group and resources or tools used to carry out one or more processes
10.2 may be a single org unit or several departments, teams and groups
11 Roles
11.1 set of responsibilities, activities and authorities granted to a person or team
11.2 defined in a process or function
11.3 Service Owner
11.4 Process Owner
11.5 Process Manager
11.6 Process Manager

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