Weather and Atmosphere Review

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Weather and Atmosphere Review
  1. Layers of the atmosphere
    1. Troposphere
      1. The troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere which starts at the Earth's surface and extends from 5 to 9 miles. It is the densest and the most weather is in this layer. The temperature and pressure drop as you go higher in the troposphere.
        1. What is in it: Humans, landforms, living organisms, man-made objects, contraptions, buildings, etc.
        2. Stratosphere
          1. Ozone
            1. A thin layer in the stratosphere which contains ozone that absorbs and releases the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
            2. The stratosphere is just above the troposphere and extends to 31 miles high. It is warmer at the top than at the bottom.
              1. What is in it: Balloons, planes, jets
              2. Mesosphere
                1. The mesosphere is above the stratosphere and is 53 miles high. This is where meteors burn up when they are in this layer.
                  1. What is in it: Airglow, polar mesospheric clouds
                  2. Thermosphere
                    1. The thermosphere is above the mesosphere and is 372 miles high. The temperature is so high that it may be in the thousands; however some of the molecules in the thermosphere would feel very cold on our skin
                      1. What is in it: Auroras and sattelites
                      2. Exosphere
                        1. The last layer of the atmosphere which is 6,200 miles high.
                      3. The Water-Cycle
                        1. 1.) Evaporation
                          1. When water is heated by thermal energy, it turns to water vapor or steam which rise up to the air.
                            1. Transpiration
                              1. Transpiration is the process when plants release water from their leaves, or basically "plant sweat".
                            2. 2.) Condensation
                              1. The process when water vapour cools in the air, turns back to liquid, forming clouds. —Or basically water vapour forming clouds.
                              2. 3.) Precipitation
                                1. Precipitation happens when enough water has made a cloud heavy that it can't hold it anymore; so, the water falls back to Earth. —Or, you can just call it rain or snow
                                2. REPEAT
                                  1. After precipitation(raining), the process keeps repeating forever.
                                3. How can solar energy impact the water cycle?
                                  1. Solar energy is one of the main sources of running the water cycle; it evaporates water and helps plants grow.
                                  2. What are the effects of certain human activity on climate?
                                    1. Deforestation
                                      1. Deforestation is the act of cutting down trees for space or for creating products.
                                        1. It can harm the climate because deforestation can reduce trees which mean less transpiration
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