Physics: Forces

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A mindmap on forces!

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Physics: Forces
  1. is a push or pull
    1. is a vector quantity (has magnitude and direction)
      1. net/ resultant force refers to the sum of all the forces acting on an object
        1. The resultant force also shows the final effect which all the forces have on the object.
        2. Types of forces
          1. Weight
            1. The weight of the body is the force of gravity actin gon the body..
              1. Calculated by W=mg (where W=weight, m=mass, g=gravitational acceleration)
              2. is not the same as mass (which is a scalar quantity--has only magnitude)
              3. Friction
                1. is a force that opposes motion, in order to stop the motion.
                  1. without friction, we wouldn't be able to stop moving!
                2. Contact force
                  1. two objects in contact with each other will exert a force on each other
                    1. without contact force, objects would sink into each other because there is no force causing pushing the objects away from each other.
                      1. The force exerted by the objects are actually electromagnetic forces of repulsion between atoms in the surface of the objects, in the microscopic level.
                      2. Normal contact force is the contact force acting perpendicular to the surfaces of objects.
                        1. When objects are on a slope, they will slide downwards as the weight of the object acts downwards, while the onctact force acts diagonally.
                      3. Tension
                        1. The force that is transmitted through a string, rope, cable or wire when it is pulled tight by forces acting from opposite ends. The tension force pulls equally on the objects on the opposite ends of the wire.
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