GENRE Social Realism

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GENRE Social Realism
1 Social Realism Films
1.1 Film Distributors
1.1.1 Artificial Eye Icon Verve Pictures Optium Home Entertainment Dogwoof Pictures Channel Four Films Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Pathe Distribution Vertigo Optimum Releasing Axiom Films
1.2 Last Resort
1.2.1 Fish Tank The Son The Child Sweet Sixteen Looking For Eric Precious We Fond Kiss... The Arbor Red Road Bullet Boy Tryannosaur Man Push Cart My Name is Joe Nil By Mouth Adulthood Outlaw Ratcatcher London to Brighton Shotgun Stories This is England Blind Shaft Tryannosarus Half Nelson
2 Social Realism Films
2.1 Issues and Themes
2.1.1 Abuse - physical, resulting from alcholism Abuse - physical, resulting from psycholical from husband and the wife is a victim. Abuse - neglection Violence, single mother Teen violence Low economic class, Abuse - bullying Abuse - bullying - control
2.2 Nil by Mouth
2.2.1 Trysannosaur Fish Tank Bullet Boy Kidulthood Kes Sweet Sixteen
3 Social Realism Directors
3.1 Ken Loach
3.1.1 My Name is Joe
3.1.2 Ae Fond Kiss...
3.1.3 Sweet Sixteen
3.1.4 Looking for Eric
3.1.5 Kes
3.2 Andrea Arnold
3.2.1 Red Road
3.2.2 Fish Tank
3.2.3 Wasp
3.3 Shane Meadows
3.3.1 This is England
3.3.2 Dead Man's Shoes
3.3.3 Somers Town
4 My Analysis
4.1 I have now discovered the companies that distribute social realism films.
4.1.1 I have also identified similar themes and issues within a few of the social realism which relate to my film. It shows that Aritificial Eye and Icon are distributors I would try to contact to distribute my film. Ken Loach is the director I would mainly focus on idealising, As he as directed many films which contain several themes and issues similar to mine.
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