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1 Non-Cooperation movement 1 1919-1920
1.1 Gandhi's first intervention in India
1.2 Why did it happen?
1.2.1 Protest about the Rowlett act
1.2.2 Tension with the Amritsar massacre
1.3 Mostly consisted of Hartels
2 Non-Cooperation movement 2 1920-1921
2.1 Why did it start?
2.1.1 Tensions were still high because of the Amritsar massacre
2.1.2 General Dyer was receiving too much praise
2.2 What happened?
2.2.1 Gandhi declared the aim of Swaraj with a year
2.2.2 Protests Boycotting of Schools and Colleges by teachers Boycotting of law courts by lawyers Boycotting of elections, councils, official functions and honours Swadesh was promoted and alcohol prohibited 30,000 people were arrested because of this
2.2.3 The movement created mass support through imagination and symbolism
2.2.4 Gandhi asked for all prisoners to be let free, including the Khilafatists (terrorists) Refused and the plan fell through
3 Salt March 1930
3.1 Why did it happen?
3.1.1 To publicise a boycott of the british salt tax
3.1.2 Gandhi wanted to convert the British to non-violence so they can see the wrong they did in India
3.2 What happened?
3.2.1 Gandhi held a gathering before the march, 75,000 people attended British soon realised this was drawing world wide press
3.2.2 The day before the march Gandhi addressed 10,000 at a prayer meeting
3.2.3 Salt March started on the 12th of March 78 satyagrahis set out, were expected to spin cloth, participate in group prayer, keep a diary and project peacefulness If they encountered resistance they would submit to Ahimsa
3.2.4 Drew the world's attention to British greed and exploitation
3.3 Consequences
3.3.1 2000 demonstrators attacked at a salt production plant by police armed with Lathis 2 were killed and 320 injured
3.3.2 Over 20,000 arrested
3.3.3 Gandhi arrested on the 4th of may
4 Ghandian Principles
4.1 Satyagraha
4.1.1 Literal meaning is truth-force or soul-force
4.2 Ahmisa
4.2.1 Literal meaning is non-violence
4.3 Swadesh
4.3.1 Spinning your own cloth, promoting self reliance
4.4 Swaraj
4.4.1 His political goal in his first campaigns
5 Civil Disobediance Campaign 1932
5.1 Why did it happen?
5.1.1 Gandhi was in the round table conferences, when returned he was arrested within a week
5.2 What happened?
5.2.1 Gandhi-Irwin pact was broken, Congress threatened civil disobediance
5.2.2 Government granted itself emergency powers within 24 hours Everything that made up congress was outlawed and over 100,000 were arrested
5.2.3 Gandhi was freed from prison on health grounds because of his fasting in protest
5.2.4 Consequences Gandhi advised congress to stop civil disobedience and for the government to release the prisoners. Both refused
6 Quit India 1942
6.1 Why did it happen?
6.1.1 Gandhi went for full indapendance and believed India and Britian should be separated
6.1.2 Gandhi believed there were no common interests between Britain and India
6.2 What happened?
6.2.1 Congress endorsed Gandhi's Quit India campaign
6.2.2 Congress ordered their supporters to make India ungovernable
6.2.3 Gandhi told people to 'go out to die, not to live' This caused horrific killings, riots, attacks on Europeans and damage to Government property Even in war time, with a Japanese attack imminent they destroyed things like railways, signal boxes, telegraph and telephone lines were torn down Plans were flown over railway lines and other important things, they would drop flares, if the crowd did not disperse they were machine gunned. 35,000 British troops were deployed, some guarded important structure such as Communication lines and Munition stores.
6.3 Impact
6.3.1 1000 dead, 3000 seriously injured
6.3.2 Noting major happened, The government did not stop, all it caused was destruction and despair

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