'My interests'

Blake Schumann
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Blake Schumann
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P1 considerations and refinement of a research question

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'My interests'
  1. Native Australian animals
    1. East side of australia
      1. Going endangered
        1. Human impacts
        2. How do they survive in central australia
        3. Tourism(travelling)
          1. Australia
            1. Sydney
              1. Melbourne
                1. Sporting capital of the world
                2. Great Barrier reef
                  1. Animals
                    1. Human Impacts
                  2. Europe
                  3. Sports
                    1. NBA
                      1. Bad teams tanking
                        1. La lakers and Boston Celtic rivalry
                        2. EPL
                          1. Brexit
                            1. rich clubs have been winning for so many years
                            2. AFL
                              1. Essendon Drug saga
                                1. Melbourne tanking for picks
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