Student Participation - Ideas

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What does student participation look like

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Student Participation - Ideas
  1. Deeper engagement with subject material


    • How are students taking things forward with other students, staff, online, etc
    1. Study groups


      • For every induction group, could have a pointer calling for study groups to be established. Leaving the students with no choice but to join one.  Some colleges or sections may already be doing this.
      1. Subject expert talks
        1. Research presentations
          1. research publications
            1. Accessing materials: Journals
              1. Independent Research
                1. Active student collaboration
                  1. Inquiry based learning
                    1. Students as teachers
                    2. Engaging and participating in classroom
                      1. Groupwork
                        1. Questions
                          1. Clickers
                            1. Flipped classrooms
                              1. Presentations
                                1. Seminars and Tutorials
                                  1. Students as teachers
                                    1. Teacher responsiblity for student empowerment
                                    2. Role of peers


                                      • Alan in Salt has been looking at this for many years Need to benchmark how much peer work happens and how we mesure it
                                      1. Peer projects


                                        • Longer term than those which are undertaken in class
                                        1. Peer mentoring
                                          1. Peer assessment
                                            1. Peer led learning
                                              1. Peer enhancing knowledge
                                              2. Student Participation - How we measure it
                                                1. Best practices and experience from other institutions
                                                  1. SALT Research
                                                  2. Measurement
                                                    1. Has the course challenged students to achieve their best?
                                                      1. Has the course provided students with opportunities to analyse ideas, concepts or experiences in depth?
                                                        1. Has the course encouraged students to apply what they learned to practical problems and situations?
                                                          1. Has the course enables students to bring information and ideas together from different topics to solve problems?
                                                            1. Has the student had the right opportunities to work with other students as part of their course?
                                                          2. Participation by design


                                                            • Design has to happen across all levels from individual session, to module, to programme How do we ensure that participation is embedded Classroom deliver, training and development issues Use Colin Bryson as springboard to launch two new themes with talk followed by workshops for both
                                                            1. Overarching principle of theme
                                                              1. programme module review and approval
                                                              2. Attendance
                                                                1. Tech
                                                                  1. Meaningful technology for classroom learning
                                                                    1. Web Quests


                                                                      • Cornelia Tschichold holds Blackboard quizzes which students have to complete in order to get access to further study materials
                                                                      1. Podcasts
                                                                        1. Livestream with classes across the world
                                                                          1. Learning anywhere, anytime
                                                                          2. Academic Societies
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