Nerves + Hormones.

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CNS= central nervous system includes brain and spinal cord.

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Nerves + Hormones.
1 nervous system uses electrical impulses to enable reactions
1.1 cells called receptors detect stimuli (changes in the environment)
2 Receptor cells have:
2.1 nucleus
2.2 cell membrane
2.3 cytoplasm
3 Impulses from receptors pass along sensory neurone to brain/spinal cord (CNS).
3.1 Impulses are sent along motor neurons from brain (CNS) to effector organs.
4 receptor
4.1 sensory neuron
4.1.1 CNS (co-ordinator) motor neuron effector
5 Reflex actions
5.1 sensory neurons - 5 senses
5.2 motor neurons - messages to muscles
5.3 relay neurons - connect sensory and motor - located in CNS
5.4 reflex arc electrical impulses bypass the conscious area of brain.
5.4.1 time between stimulus and response is as short as possible only motor, relay + sensory neurons involved.
5.5 stimulus
5.5.1 receptor co-ordinator effector response
6 Synapses
6.1 gap between 2 neurones.
6.2 nerve impulses diffuse neurotransmitters out of the synaptic knob + bind with post-neuron.
6.3 nervous system reacts slower than endocrime system.
7 Menstrual Cycle
7.1 mature egg released from ovary every 28 days
7.2 FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
7.2.1 causes egg to mature, stimulates ovary to produce oestrogen
7.3 oestrogen
7.3.1 causes lining of womb to develop, inhibits FSH production, stimulates release of a mature egg.
8 Artificial Control of Fertility
8.1 oral contraceptives
8.1.1 stop FSH production therefore no eggs mature.
8.2 FSH used as drug to stimulate egg maturity.
8.3 FSH+LH used in IVF to stimulate eggs to mature.
8.3.1 LH is Luteinising hormone produced in pituitary gland, stimulates release of egg.
9 Controlling conditions
9.1 water levels and ions, blood sugar + temp.
9.1.1 water - urine in kidney blood sugar - pancreas monitors by hormones temp. - 37oC enzymes work best
10 Homestasis
10.1 sweating causes body to cool, energy from body used to evaporate the water in sweat.
11 Plant growth control
11.1 PHOTOTROPISM= sensitivity to light
11.2 GRAVITROPISM= respose to gravity
11.3 moisture=responses co-ordinated by plant hormone auxin
11.4 responses of roots/shoots to stimuli due to unequal distribution of plant hormones.
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