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Marketing Plan


Marketing Plan
Lester Stoffels
Mind Map by Lester Stoffels, updated more than 1 year ago
Lester Stoffels
Created by Lester Stoffels about 6 years ago

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Marketing Plan
  1. Market Research
    1. Undertaken to understan more about customers needs
      1. Gain understanding of customers perceptions of a product
        1. Collection and analysis of data
        2. Product
          1. Describe product fully


            • including what makes the product or service unique
            1. Evidence of patents should be provided
              1. Packaging, safety and compliance with SABS
              2. Price
                1. Needs to cover all the costs
                  1. Decide if will offer discounts
                    1. Discounts could be offered for early payment
                    2. Promotion
                      1. Choose what type of advertising will be used
                        1. Depending on the target market
                        2. Place
                          1. How easy it is for customers to reach business
                            1. Can be from different places
                              1. Alternatively, door to door
                              2. People
                                1. Employees need to have the right skills
                                  1. Ability to deal with customers
                                  2. Physical Environment
                                    1. How neat and safe is it around your business
                                      1. Does it meet the expectations of customers
                                      2. Process
                                        1. The way you deliver your product or service
                                          1. Greater efficiency lead to customer service
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