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Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Psychology Mind Map on Learning, created by Anita McDonald on 07/14/2016.

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  1. plasticity - alter structure and function (experience)
    1. Developmental -maturation and growth
      1. Synaptogenesis -pruning
        1. 5 stages, proliferation(multiply), migration,(move) circuit formation(grow), circuit pruning,(eliminated) myelination (sheath)
        2. Adaptive -learn & experience, structure-brain damage
          1. Rerouting-new connect
            1. Sprouting-bushy to make new
          2. relatively permanent...experience
            1. Areas of Brain associated with learning
              1. Hippocampus-declarative
                1. Amygdala-emotional
                  1. Ventral Tegmental Area-learn through operant conditioning
                  2. maturation and development -
                    1. Sensitive periods - nerves and synapses easily formed
                      1. Critical periods- animals (genetically programmed)
                        1. Reflexactions-automatic
                          1. Fixed action patterns-inborn
                            1. Species specific
                            2. Maturation-puberty
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