How does learning music and dance in early life affect child development?

Megan King-Matthews
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Megan King-Matthews
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This mind map was made as a way of organising my research project and collecting my ideas.

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How does learning music and dance in early life affect child development?
  1. Ideas
    1. Physical effects on the child's body
      1. Develop Physical Skills - Gross and fine motor skills
        1. Improve Fitness
        2. Psychological effects on the child's brain
          1. Stimulates otherwise unused parts of the brain
            1. Think more creatively and in an open minded way
              1. Helps with self-esteem, motivation and social anxiety
                1. Helps to relieve stress and induce happiness
                2. Benefits of learning/doing Music, Movement and Dance and a young age
                  1. Improved listening skills
                    1. Helps with memory and academic achievment
                      1. Make friends
                        1. Boosts creativity
                        2. Learning and gaining life skills and talents
                          1. Being able to communicate with others respectfully
                            1. Being able to problem solve
                              1. Being able to learn from mistakes
                                1. Having persistence, resilience, patience and dedication
                                  1. Being able to recognise their own responsibilities and the consequences for their actions
                                    1. Accepting varying race and gender
                                  2. Capabilities
                                    1. Critical and Creative thinking
                                      1. Posing questions and being curious
                                        1. Organising information and connecting ideas
                                          1. Applying logic and reasoning
                                            1. Seeking solutions
                                              1. Metacognition- thinking about thinking
                                                1. Reflecting on processes
                                                  1. Considering alternatives
                                                    1. Transfering knowledge into new contexts
                                                      1. Evaluating procedures and drawing conclusions
                                                    2. Research Processes
                                                      1. Primary sources
                                                        1. Interviews and Surveys
                                                          1. Dance Teacher
                                                            1. Music Teacher
                                                              1. Peers and Family
                                                                1. Child Psychologist
                                                              2. Secondary sources
                                                                1. Internet- websites
                                                                  1. Journals/ Books
                                                                    1. Scholarly articles
                                                                  2. Challenges
                                                                    1. Being able to access information
                                                                      1. Finding enough survey participants
                                                                        1. Having enough time
                                                                          1. Being able to contact interviewees
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