The Importance of Human Resource Management

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The Importance of Human Resource Management
1 The Human Factor
1.1 Human Resource Management forms an essential and integral part of any Manager's job. This is because the enterprise is the poeple.
1.2 Organisations are managed and staffed by people and cannot exist without them.
1.3 Most of the challenges and opportunities in managing organisations come from the people related problems that arise within them.
1.4 People are unique and cannot be treated identically.
1.5 People have different needs, react differently to the same stimuli and are unpredictable.
2 Co-ordinated, goal-directed teamwork
2.1 People have a number of different needs and there are many ways of meeting these needs.
2.2 Consider some of the organisations that accommodate our needs and wants: Hospitals, Movie theaters, sport clubs, schools to mention only a few.
2.3 Each of these organisations exist because consumers demand its products or services.
2.4 Because the task to be accomplished is too large or complicated for one person to accomplish alone - in other words it needs co-ordinated teamwork.
2.5 1. made up of peo
3 Productivity
3.1 Productivity is the measure of the output of goods and services relative to the input of labour, material and equipment.
3.2 The higher the productivity of an industry, the better its competitive position as the unit cost are lower.
3.3 When productivity increases, businesses can increase wages and salaries without affecting inflation, thus improving the standard of living of the people.
3.4 Improving productivity is not about increasing the resources, but it is doing better with what you have.
4 Quality of Working Life (QWL)
4.1 The term "quality of working life" refers to the extend to which employees personal needs are met through their work.
4.2 It includes things like giving workers the opportunity to make decisions about their jobs, design of their workplace, and what they need in order to produce or render a service more effectively.
4.3 Improvements in QWL enhance organisational performance and enable companies to compete in a global market.
4.4 QWL tends to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism and staff turnover.

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