Unity of the 'Angevin Empire'


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Unity of the 'Angevin Empire'
  1. While Westminster was at the heart of the administration, this did not make London the capital.
    1. Normandy described as the heart of the Empire
    2. The term 'Angevin Empire' implies that Anjou was of central importance: Henry was Angevin by decent and upbringing. Strategically significant military bases of Chinon and Loches castle suggest Anjou was important
      1. Normandy and England arguable more important?
        1. Normandy = main base, spending 176 months there throughout his reign. Closely followed by 154 months in Eng, Scot and Wales
      2. The term 'Angevin Empire' is used as a historical convenience rather than a precise 12th century reality.
        1. Titled empire around the 19th century, but was never used by contemporaries
          1. Contempories saw the empire as a lucky acquisition of a quarrelsome family and not an institution
          2. Haphazard collection of states, unorganised by a leader who applied no imperial jurisdictions across his lands
          3. Disunity
            1. A lack of uniform institutions of power meant each of these regions maintained their own customs = diversity in culture, lang and laws.
              1. Did Henry deliberately allow this to respect the diversity of his lands?
              2. Lacked political unity
                1. the French called the Angevin Empire 'espace plantaganet' as they believed there was no political unity
                2. Henry never envisioned his lands would become an empire as he intended to divide his lands amongst his sons in 1170.
                  1. Both Geoffrey and Henry intended on dividing lands
                  2. Never tried to unite lands into a monolithic union - vulnerable to break up. They were not centrally directed
                    1. Cultural differences caused divisions, forming rifts, particularly between England and Normandy
                      1. Lacks the attributes of a unified empire - greed of the angevin kings kept the so-called empire together
                      2. Unity
                        1. Henry's lands were joined by a common culture and government
                          1. Despite countries differences, they shared similar feudal frameworks and were united geographically
                            1. Greed of the sons maintained this so-called unity
                              1. Formed an administrative and geographical whole - a very strong state in a feudal network
                                1. Geographical bloc, stretching from Northumberland to the Pyrenees
                                2. Administratively united: At the same time of the Inquest of Sheriffs in England, a similar enquiry took place in Normandy
                                3. More of a personal empire of the three Angevin Kings than an 'Angevin Empire'
                                  1. Responsibility of growth and loss of lands due to leadership of the individual rather than unity of the empire
                                  2. Lands ultimately broken down by rebellion and French attack
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