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Website site map planning

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C.P.U. Webpage
1 Connect with us
1.1 Search engine
1.1.1 Language: 繁/ 簡/ Eng
1.2 Facebook
1.3 Instagram
1.4 Website links
2 VIP Zone
2.1 Release Date
2.1.1 News Season's Greetings / Company news / Highlight Brands / Products / Promotions
2.1.2 Brands Keywords Search Information Display (Graphics & Description) Recently viewed Items
2.2 Store Location
2.2.1 Subscription Email to sign up for Newsletter
2.2.2 Search District Shop Details Map
2.3 Join Our VIP
2.3.1 VIP Registration Bonus Point Reward Scheme
3 About us
3.1 Contact us
3.1.1 Join us Terms & Policy
3.1.2 Customer Service
3.1.3 Enquiry form
3.1.4 Email
3.1.5 Phone
4 Live Chat with us
4.1 Connect to FB inbox
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