Levels of Organisation and Cell Structure

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IGCSE Edexcel Biology (Structures and functions in living organisms) Mind Map on Levels of Organisation and Cell Structure, created by Daniel Brener on 04/28/2013.

Daniel Brener
Created by Daniel Brener over 6 years ago
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1 Levels of Organisation
1.1 Organelles
1.1.1 Cell Tissue Organ Organ System a group of organs with a function Organism a living thing a group of tissues that work together to carry out a special function a group of same cells with a designated function what builds up a tissue/or a grouping of organelles
1.1.2 a structure within a cell with a particular function
1.2 See also spread sheet on these
2 Cell Structure


  • Try this test: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/science/organisms_behaviour_health/cells_systems/quiz/q99159005/
2.1 Plant Cells
2.1.1 Cell Wall Cell membrane Vacuole Nucleus Mitochondria Chloroplast Cytoplasm where chemical reactions take place contains chlorophyll absorbs light energy absorbs photons for photosynthesis contains DNA and controls the cell supports the shape of the cell, contains sap controls what substances move in and out of the cell supports the cell and defines its shape
2.2 Animal Cells
2.2.1 Cell membrane Cytoplasm Mitochondria Nucleus contains DNA and controls the cell where energy is released from food by the production of ATP where chemical reactions take place controls what goes in an out of the cell

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