Target Market

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Target market for my GCSE DT project

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Target Market
1 Gender
1.1 Not gender specific
2 Age
2.1 Teenagers
2.2 University Students
2.3 Young Adults
3 Needs
3.1 A place to work/study using a laptop or books and folders.
3.2 Storage
3.2.1 Laptop
3.2.2 Books, papers & files
3.3 Limited floor space
4 What furniture is already owned?
4.1 Teenagers
4.1.1 Bed
4.1.2 Wardrobe
4.1.3 Shelves
4.2 University Students & Young Adults
4.2.1 Basic furniture
5 Occupation
5.1 Teenagers
5.1.1 Full-time student
5.1.2 Might have a newspaper round or something similar
5.2 University Students
5.2.1 Part-time job
5.3 Young Adults
5.3.1 Probably mix of full and part-time work
6 Location
6.1 University students
6.1.1 Near university, most likely town or city
6.2 Teenagers
6.2.1 Where parents live which varies
6.3 Young Adult
6.3.1 Town or city
6.3.2 Near job opportunities
6.3.3 With parents
7 Cost Limitations
7.1 Teenagers
7.1.1 No full time job
7.2 University Students
7.2.1 Part-time job
7.2.2 Paying for college
7.3 Young Adults
7.3.1 Student Loans
7.3.2 Might be unemployed
7.3.3 Probably mix of part-time jobs or full time
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