Medical insurance billing and coding

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Created by Roberson76 over 6 years ago
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Medical insurance billing and coding
1 Job: Translate patient's written medical record into numbers for the insurance companies. Not always involved in medical billing.
1.1 Reliable source of income
1.1.1 NO STRESS/ enjoyable Career Options: work for a private physician's office, hospital nursing home, home health aids, insurance company's or lawyer's office Look for job while in school to receive experience While working/raining and receiving experience research options for future Coding work goals and options. Continue to study coding books, net work (LINKEDIN), prepare to start a more lucrative small business with Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
1.1.2 Average annual salary for a CPC-Pi s $55,172 Salary depends on credentials.
1.1.3 Certification through (AAPC or AHIMA) is the standard Knowledge of common medical terminology and gross anatomy and extensive knowledge of each coding book. Only certification required, but to obtain a impressive salary an Associates Degree is needed from a college. 1st step: apply and enroll into a creditable college. Study and prepare to test with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
1.2 Good replacement for current career because I prefer to work alone.
1.2.1 opportunity to be self employed again.

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