'How did you attract/address your audience?'


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'How did you attract/address your audience?'
  1. I believe my media product has the potential to appeal to multiple audience groups, such as the elder teenage/young adult male audience, the male and female adult audience (between 28-38) and an audience of young business men (between 21-28)
    1. One strong feature of appeal for this audience is the featuring of the thriller genre. Largely popular with this audience of media consumers, the use of suspense, weapons and sex appeal within female characters, all conventions to the thriller genre and featured in the media product will all combine to appeal to this target audience. Another focal point of appeal for this target audience is the representation of character 'Hunter Wentworth', aged 22 the target audience will be able to relate and empathise with the character, which is fundamental in order to engage this target audience with my media product into the meaning and morals behind the media product aimed at this particular target audience.
      1. What Would Appeal To The Elder Teenage/Young Adult Male Audience?
        1. mise-en-scene aspects, such as location settings in London and Dubai, props such as guns and bombs and sports cars I believe will all appeal to this particular target audience
        2. I believe the inclusion of conventions from the drama genre would appeal to this target audience, the film involves, character development of both Hunter and Alexis Wentworth, intense social interaction, mainly between the siblings and the antagonists and the settings used are realistic. Three key conventions of a drama genre film which would strongly be presented within the text. As the dramatic genre is widely popular with this target audience it is my belief that this film would therefore appeal to this target audience. Arguably the leading target audience for the text due to the drama genre dominating both the storyline, settings and character profiles, this target audience would be most engaged in this film, as well as being able to feel a sense of connection to characters within the film, such as the farther; as commonly those within this target audience are likely to be parents.
          1. What Would Appeal To The Adult Audience (between 28-38)?
            1. The opening title sequence through the use of calm music, pleasant scenes of middle class family life and mise-en-scene idealises the middle class, therefore I believe this positions this particular target audience into empathising and really connecting with the text and would therefore be successfully appealing and engaging to the target middle class adult audience.
              1. Mise-en-scene. such as the canvas portrait on the wall of the daughter smiling, the boys toys on the floor, and a tidy yet lived in home all contribute to this idealised middle class family life which support audience positioning to be engaging and therefore attracting.
            2. Enigma is the overall attraction I believe that will engage all my target audiences, The enigma within my opening title sequence is presented when the sound of a gun shot is heard, and after this the child is left to morn over the murdering of his father, as the murder of the fathers is not explained and the title 'Sins Of The Father' are both presented to the audience, the audience will begin to question just what 'sin' did the father commit that was so bad, to cause somebody to murder him. This I believe will engage my target audiences as well as conforming to a vital purpose of an opening title sequence, the creation of enigma.
            3. What would appeal to the audience of young business men?
              1. The key engaging element my film would provide to appealing to this audience is the films focus and setting. Presenting a lavish lifestyle of rich and successful business men will appeal to this audience who may be starting off in the business world who (especially the entrepreneurs among this audience group) wish to be as successful as, common locations for the rich and successful such as London and Dubai would be presented within the film and the wealth that comes with this lifestyle would be clearly demonstrated as a result of a successful l business (in this films case, being a successful oil man). Not only will the basics of setting and wealth focus into this audiences appeal to the film but the high end dramas surrounding the business world and being given a representation of how those involved deal with the situations will allow this audience empathy and feeling of connection and understand to the film.
                1. Arguably this audience is the audience who I feel would gather the strongest sense of moral meaning from the film and be aware of what can happen as a result of 'unfair business deals' and it is my intention that the film would teach lessons to those within the business world the result of greed, betrayal and putting work/business before family and self morals as the film would clearly presents on an extreme scale, and to those who watch the film who may play part to such dealings would consider to think twice before they consider to do so in the future.
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