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Old Test

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Old Testament
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Old Testament Review
Old Testament
1 1. Creation
1.1 Day:1 God created the Heavens and Earth
1.1.1 Day: 2 He made the lands,oceaons Day 3: Land and Vegitation Day 4: Star, moons, the Sun Day 5: Sea Creatures and Birds Day 6: Land and Vegitation God Rested on the 7th day
1.2 God said that his creation was good 5 times.
1.3 He made the first man named Adam: He made man in his own image
1.3.1 First thing God said is not is Lonleness, So he made the first woman named Eve.
2 2. The Fall
2.1 Two Trees: Tree of Good and Evil, Tree of Life
2.1.1 Satan temped Eve into eating from the tree of Good and Evil. God had forbiddin this. Both Adam and Eve ate the fruit causing sin and death to enter the world. They were banished from the Garden of Eden Satan disguied as a serpent
2.2 When they ate the fruit they gained knowledge, and learned they were naked. They tried to hide from God.
3 3. Noah and The Flood
3.1 The world was full on sin and hatred, God was not happy, and decied to flood the wolrd.
3.1.1 Noah was the onl righetous man, So god tells him to build a arc, to survive the flood. God tells him to collect his family, and two of every aniaml. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights God created a rainbow, as a covenant that he will never flood the earth agaiin Late, The new community settle, and try to build a tower to God. This angers God that he confuses thier languages.
4 4. Abraham
4.1 Abram was very faiithful to God, God changes his name to Abaham
4.1.1 God promises that him and Sarah will have a child. God says he will be a father of many, and a nation Sarah is burren and could not of children God blesses them with a child, named Issac. God tells Abraham to sacrifice Issac. Abrham agreed, but God stopped him right as he was about to do it.
5 5.Jacob/Isreal
5.1 Son of Issac, and had a brother named Esau who was the firstborn.
5.1.1 Jacob tricked Issac into selling his birthright for a bowl of soup, because he was very hungry Jacob had to flee, because he also took Esau's Blessing, causing Esau to plot to kill him. He had work for 14 years, beacuse he had sex with the wrong sister He moved his family to Egypt and God changed his name to Isreal Father of the nation of Isreal
5.2 He faught an angel
6 6.Joseph
6.1 He was the second youngest son of Jacob. He was also Jacob favorite son.
6.1.1 His brothers were very jelous of him, so they deciided to sell him to slavery. He traveled to Eygpt and become a slave to Potiphar Potifar wife accused Jacob of rape, and was thrown in jail. He interpreted Pharoah dream, and become Prime Ministor. He predicted that Eygpt will have 7 days of florish, then 7 days of famine. This allows them to prepare saving Eygpt. Joesph moves his family to they can avoid the famine and have fertile land.
7 7. Moses and the Exodus
7.1 Moses was born during the time all Issrrlite babies were killed after birth
7.1.1 Moses mother sent him off in a a basket on the nile. Pharoah Dautgher later found him and decied to take care of him When Moses was 40 whenhe killed and Eygptian man that was beaing an Isrealite, causing him to flee. God appread to Moses as a burning bush, he told Moses to return to Eygpt and free the Isrelites. After the 10th Plague, Pharoah freed them, and they feld Eygpt. Moses and his people wondered in the desert for another 40 years before finding the promise land. They reach the red sea, but Pharoah and his army followed. Moses split the sea with his staff and they escaped.
7.2 God gave Moses the ten commandments, beacuse the Islrelites didnt know how to people human anymore
8 Joshou/ and the Judges
8.1 Moses dies, and Joshou becomes the new leader.
8.1.1 God told joshou to send spies to go to the promise land. They saw big peiple there and were too scared to fight them.
9 8. King David
9.1 David was mad at King Saul for sacrifice the annoited one, eventually David replaced him as the King
9.1.1 He defeats a Philisitne Giant named Goloith, with a slingshot David had sex with Bathshema and she got pregnant He orgnized a plan, so that Betheshama 's husband will die in battle. God punished him, by taking away his child.