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  1. Brand
    1. The image or logo of a specific product that a company is providing to their consumers


      • The image of a company and the products they produce.
      1. It is supposed to be unique
        1. Recognizable
          1. It must provide a nice aspect or image to the company and products
            1. Reputation
            2. The process of creating a brand for certain products or companies.
              1. It must be appellative for the consumer
                1. Colors that call for you atention
                  1. Words or phrases that stick to your mind
                    1. Easy to remember
                    2. Elements
                      1. Graphic symbols
                        1. Logo
                          1. Image
                            1. Variation Between colors
                            2. Wordmark
                              1. Words or Phrases
                                1. Name
                                  1. Designed in a specific typeset
                                    1. Font
                                  2. Photos and images
                                    1. Appelative
                                      1. Different
                                      2. Shapes and forms
                                      3. Marketing
                                        1. Differences between marketing and branding
                                          1. "Branding is about creating an awareness, a perception in the mind of the end consumer. Marketing is a broader term encompassing branding and also includes sales, managing distribution channels, offers, schemes, analytics on consumer behavior etc. Marketing is the big bucket that has the branding aspect in it" -Ajeet Gupta"
                                        2. Aspects of branding that should be applied on a business
                                          1. It's all about the image
                                            1. Use the appropiate
                                              1. Images
                                                1. Colors
                                                  1. Font
                                                    1. Word game
                                                      1. Name
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