1946-47: Beginning of the Cold War

Meg Robinson
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Mind Map on 1946-47: Beginning of the Cold War, created by Meg Robinson on 03/08/2014.

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Meg Robinson
Created by Meg Robinson over 5 years ago
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1946-47: Beginning of the Cold War
1 War of words
1.1 Feb 46 Stalin said peace between capitalists and communists was impossible as capitalist competition would inevitably lead to a war
1.1.1 Viewed by the West as an ideological attack on them
1.2 Kennan's Long Telegram: argued USSR was increasing their military capability to spread communism, that the US were the only ones who could stand up to them and should begin a policy of containment
1.3 Novikov's telegram to Stalin: argued since Roosevelt's death US had stopped their policy of cooperation and begun a propaganda campaign against USSR to prepare the US public for a war with USSR
2 Iran Crisis: March 1946
2.1 During WWII Iran was occupied by Britain and USSR
2.2 USSR had agreed to withdraw their troops by March 1946 and hand over their territory to Britain
2.3 By the end of March it was clear the Soviets had no intention of withdrawing
2.4 US and Britain united in condemnation of this "aggressive imperialist policy"
2.5 Led to a clear division in the Grand Alliance
2.6 Led US and Britain to believe USSR was expanding it's influence
3 Iron Curtain: March 1946
3.1 Churchill argued:Europe had been divided by a metal curtain
3.2 that Soviet influence in the East was increasng
3.3 Feared Stalin was trying to stir up revolutions throughout Europe and win power that way
3.4 Called on Western nations to resist this
4 Truman Doctrine 1947
4.1 Truman exaggerated claims to get support
5 Difficulties in Western Europe
5.1 Bad harvest then harsh winter led to chronic food shortages in Germany
5.2 The problems were multiplied by the lack of trade between the East and the West of commodities e.g. grain
5.3 West worried this would discredit capitalism
6 Marshall Plan 1947

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