Fabric Construction

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Fabric Construction
1.1 Woven fabrics are made up of two sets of inter-woven yarns. The warp travels up and down and the weft travels in and out across the fabric.
1.2 Plain Weave
1.2.1 Simplest weave
1.2.2 Weft yarn passes under and over alternate warp yarns
1.3 Twill Weave
1.3.1 Fabric is woven so that diagonal ridges appear on the right side
1.4 Satin Weave
1.4.1 Weft yarn goes under several warp yarns and over one
1.4.2 There are more yarns lying on the surface so the fabric looks shiny
1.5 Properties of Woven Fabric
1.5.1 Durable
1.5.2 Strong
1.5.3 Stable
1.5.4 Good cover
1.5.5 Degree of fire resistance
1.5.6 Degree of wind repellence
1.5.7 Degree of water repellence
1.5.8 Firm
1.5.9 Will fray
1.5.10 Have body
1.5.11 Can stretch but only on the bias
2.1 Knitted fabrics have a looped structure and stretch more than woven fabrics. They can be constructed using one or more yarns.
2.2 Weft Knitting
2.2.1 Can be done using machine or by hand
2.2.2 Made up of rows of interlocking loops
2.2.3 Often knitted in a circle
2.2.4 TYPES: Single jersey, ribbing, fake fur
2.2.5 Characteristics High elasticity/stretch Loops trap air and retain heat Can lose shape easily Can unravel and ladder Different sides
2.3 Warp Knitting
2.3.1 The yarn loops in a vertical direction
2.3.2 Characteristics Both sides are the same Speedy production Machine is complicated to set up Slightly stretchy Does not lose shape Does not unravel or ladder
2.3.3 TYPES: Netting
3.1 Bonded
3.1.1 Porperties Do not fray Weak Can be made from recycled fibres Cheap to produce Can be made in a range of weights Poor drape
3.2 Felt/Laminated
3.2.1 When two or more fabrics are bonded together to give extra insulation or protection
3.3 Non-woven fabrics are made directly from fibres which are arranged in a layer and fused together or are felted together using friction and heat.