Differences between men and women in Paradise Lost

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Created by abl over 6 years ago
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Differences between men and women in Paradise Lost
1 Sense of faith
1.1 Adam's appears stronger/total
1.1.1 Blind faith
1.1.2 Adam is aware of what is lost -good lost evil gained
1.2 Eve wants test/question faith
1.2.1 Eve challenges
2 Sense of social hierarchy
2.1 Adam is placed as social superior
2.2 Eve wants equality-initially.
3 Milton's language makes her appear radical
3.1 Also appears to blame her more for The Fall
4 Adam makes conscious choice to fall
4.1 Exemplifies freewill
5 Eve takes conscious decision to part from Adam
5.1 Freewill again
6 Attitude towards work and Garden of Eden
6.1 Adam wants to enjoy Garden
6.2 Eve exemplifies the Protestant work ethic
7 Attitude to love and marriage
8 Self sacrifice

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