jewellery box

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jewellery box
1 cost
1.1 what is the estimated cost of the product
1.2 is the product affordable
1.3 is it good value for money
2 manufacture
2.1 what is the product made from
2.2 can it be made in a workshop
2.3 would another another type of material be better
3 aesthetics
3.1 does it look ugly or attractive
3.2 does it have a quality finish
3.3 does it make good use of colour
4 client
4.1 who is the product designed for
4.2 how would they use it
4.3 where would they use it
5 size
5.1 what size is the box
5.2 is its size appropriate for its use
5.3 do you need a big table or can you use a small table
6 safety
6.1 does it have sharp edges
6.2 is there anything small to choke on
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