Meeus and Raaijmaker- Procedure in detail

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The Social approach- One of the main studies (edexcel)

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Meeus and Raaijmaker- Procedure in detail
1 LOCATION- modern university building
2 Participants led to believe they were taking part in a study on stress and behaviour
3 Participants believed that the psychology department were selecting candidates for a job
4 Each applicant (CONFEDERATE) was to take a test which would be administered by participants
5 Test = Vital to success
5.1 If applicants failed the test they lost the job
6 Participants were asked to make 15 distressing remarks to the applicants
6.1 Stating how they were getting on with the test
6.1.1 "if you continue responding like this, you're going to fail the test
7 Participants also overhead the experimenter telling the 'applicants' false info about the study
7.1 'It would not affect their job chances'
7.2 2/3 through the test the 'applicant' accussed the researchers of giving flase info
7.2.1 And withdrew consent to continue
8 Soon became obvious that applicant was getting distressed and would fail
8.1 Therefore not get the job
8.2 Subjects refused to continue to make stressful remarks = they would be prodded by experimenter
9 A participant who made all stress remarks was seen as obedient
10 Participants who refused to make all the stress remarks were considered disobedient

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