European Union Crisis

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European Union Crisis
  1. Actors
    1. FMI
      1. Global Bank
        1. European Union
        2. Examples
          1. Economical
            1. Greek's economy collapsed in 2007
              1. UE helped recovery
                1. more than 300,000 million in debt
            2. United Kingdom is leaving EU
              1. Can't trade as always, have to create
            3. EU Main Problem
              1. Causes
                1. Started september 15
                  1. Baks lend lots of money to people
                    1. Banks collapsed
                    2. Unemployment rate grew
                    3. Effects
                      1. Gobal recession in economy
                        1. Baks had no money
                          1. Germany created a pact to help countries
                            1. Countries lend money
                          2. Origins of UE and problems
                            1. Created november 1993
                              1. 6 members
                                1. Alliances existed before the creation
                                2. Solutions
                                  1. Apply contractionary fiscal policy
                                    1. Lowering interests
                                      1. Make government spending
                                        1. World Bank intervention
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