Presidential vs. Parliamentary government

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Created by joshtilleymusic over 5 years ago
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Presidential vs. Parliamentary government
1 Presidential
1.1 Separation of powers
1.2 Government elected separately to members of legislature
1.2.1 Legislature can be controlled by different party to president
1.3 No legislature can remove the government
1.3.1 Removal of president normally only in extreme cases
1.4 Fixed term elections every four years
1.5 President is head of government and head of state
2 Parliamentary
2.1 Fusion of powers
2.2 Governments formed through strength of party representation
2.3 Government can be removed (vote of no confidence)
2.4 Flexible electoral terms
2.4.1 Fixed-term parliaments introduced recently
2.5 Principle of cabinet government
2.6 PM is head of government, not of state