Second Language Acquisition

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Second language acquisition

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Second Language Acquisition
1 Jim Cummins
1.1 BICS
1.1.1 basic interpersonal communicative skills: the language that children learn in the early years of life
1.2 CALP
1.2.1 cognitive academic language proficiency; takes at least 5 years for kids to master It would be extremely helpful for me to know about my students’ CALP, because then I could give them the extra care and attention that will help them in the long run.
1.3 Means that just because a student speaks a language does not mean that they fully understand the complex writing and grammatical aspects of the language
2 Stephen Krashen
2.1 Comprehensible Input
2.1.1 Despite individual variation, we all acquire language in the same way. We acquire language in one way and only one way: when we understand messages, or comprehensible input. Spock drawing
3 BF Skinner
3.1 Behaviorism
3.1.1 His theory, operant conditioning, stated that behavior is controlled by consequences He believed that learning a language is done through behavior, meaning that a positive or negative stimulus can affect learning
4 Noam Chomsky
4.1 Universal Grammar
4.1.1 states that all human language rests on innate building blocks of expression Verbs Nouns Adjectives
4.1.2 By pointing out the connections between languages students are able to locate similarities in English
5 Judi Haynes
5.1 Students learn a language in 5 stages
5.1.1 Stage 1: Pre-Production
5.1.2 Stage 2: Early producton
5.1.3 Stage 3: Speech Emergence
5.1.4 Stage 4: Intermediate Fluency
5.1.5 Stage 5: Advanced Fluency
5.2 Important because students go through each stage but each can experience them differently
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