What do you know about After the Bomb?


A brainstorm of the After the bomb topic
Dirk Weibye
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What do you know about After the Bomb?
  1. The self and individualism
    1. Conservatism vs counter-cultures
      1. Extremes (as a reaction)
        1. textual reactions
          1. reactions in ideas
            1. Existentialism
              1. Absurdism
                1. Satre "Being before essance"
                  1. The "Other"/othering
                  2. Feminism
                    1. Realism
                      1. Surrealism
                    2. Vulnerablity
                      1. Intellectual/ideological Frustration
                        1. Leads to...
                          1. Questions, posing of solutions, search for knowledge
                        2. Espionage/security/surveillance
                          1. Privacy/public life
                            1. Control/power/powerlesssness
                            2. Sites of: contest/debate/interrogation/dispute
                              1. Posing of solutions. E.g. communism etc.
                              2. Texts


                                • The Spy Who Came in From the Cold: John Le Carre
                                • Goodnight, and Good Luck: George Clooney
                                • Waiting for Godot: Samuel Beckett
                                • Related Material x 2
                                1. What the texts say: Themes
                                  1. How text say it: techniques
                                    1. Ideas anchored in textual evidence
                                    2. Paradigms
                                      1. Scientific
                                        1. "Jornada Del Muertes"
                                        2. Religious
                                          1. Economic
                                            1. Philosophical
                                            2. Change and anxiety
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