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eesl 630

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EESL 630
1 Authentic Assessments
1.1 Also known as: performance assessment, alternative assessment,and direct assessment.
1.1.1 Real life applications Drives instruction by teachers determining tasks to have students demonstrate their mastery. Referred to as planning backwards. (McDonald 1992) direct evidence
1.2 Traditional Assessments
1.2.1 Indirect evidence Forced choice testing: multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching Schools that use this type of assessment usually have the belief that is their mission to develop highly productive citizens Recall/ Recognition (DOK 1 and 2) Traditional vs. Authentic uses direct and indirect instruction A teacher can use both An example would be to write a critique (DOK 4) Creating Authentic Assessments Identify Standards Select an authentic task Identify the criteria for the task Create the rubric
1.3 Using Informal Assessments for ELL
1.3.1 provide continual snapshots of where students are throughout the year
1.3.2 performance based assessments reading with partners, retelling stories, role playing portfolio assessents Students reflect on their growth over time students set tangible goals for themselves
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