Fighting diseases

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Core Biology AQA

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Fighting diseases
1 types of pathogen
1.1 bacteria
1.1.1 very small cells
1.1.2 make you feel ill by damaging cells producing toxins
1.2 viruses
1.2.1 not cells
1.2.2 replicate by invading your cells use your cells to copy then burst
1.2.3 cell damage makes you feel ill
2 the bodies defence system
2.1 skin, hair, mucus
2.2 platelets
2.2.1 clot blood in wounds
2.3 produce white blood cells
2.3.1 engulf foreign cells and digest them
2.3.2 produce antibodies kill invading cells produced rapidly if reinfected the antibodies will recognise the pathogen and produce antibodies quicker
2.3.3 produce antitoxins counteract the toxins produced by bacteria
3 vaccinations
3.1 protects from future infections
3.1.1 weakened/dead or inactive microorganisms
3.2 pros
3.2.1 helps control infectious diseases
3.2.2 big outbreaks can be prevented
3.3 cons
3.3.1 don't always work
3.3.2 bad reaction
4 drugs
4.1 pain killers
4.1.1 relieve symptoms
4.2 antibiotics
4.2.1 resistance
4.2.2 kill/prevent growth of bacteria
4.2.3 don't kill viruses
4.3 you can grow microorganisims
5 past & future
5.1 semmelsweis
5.1.1 cut deaths
5.1.2 antiseptic on wards
5.2 resistance
5.3 dangers
5.3.1 bacteria mutates new strands rapid spread of new strain
5.3.2 viruses mutation of viruses spread fast pandemic could kill
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