Crisis in Weimar Germany 1919-1923

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Germany 1919-45 A Study in Depth. Crisis in Weimar Germany 1919-23

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Crisis in Weimar Germany 1919-1923
1 Bad Start
1.1 Kaiser Abdicates
1.1.1 Removal of strong leader Germany had no tradition of Democracy
1.2 Starvation and Economic collapse after war
1.3 Treaty Of Versailles
1.3.1 "Stab in the back"
1.3.2 'November Criminals'
2 Weak Government
2.1 Weimar Republic used Proportional Representation
2.1.1 No one political party got majority Lead to weak coalisions
3 Extremist Groups
3.1 Communists
3.1.1 Extreme Left
3.1.2 German Communist Party (KPD)
3.1.3 Wanted communist state - everything shared/owned by workers equally
3.2 Nationalists
3.2.1 Extreme Right
3.2.2 Nazis in later years
3.2.3 Wanted to bring back Kaiser
4 Revolts and Uprisings
4.1 Spartacist Uprising (1919)
4.1.1 Extreme Left Communist
4.1.2 Rosa Luxembourg & Karl Leibnecht Were murdered
4.1.3 Tried to start Revolution in Berlin Look control of newspaper and telegraph bureau Failed to capture anything else Government used Freikorps to defeat Spartacists
4.2 Kapp Putsch (1920)
4.2.1 Extreme Right Freikorps Not punished Sympathetic judges
4.2.2 Marched on Berlin Government forced to run away Appealed to ordinary workers They went on strike Pulled out of Berlin within days because of the strike
5 1923
5.1 French invasion of the Rhur
5.1.1 Government called for workers strike Printed more Dutch Marks to pay striking workers Dutch Marks becomes worthless Hyperinflation
5.1.2 Germany couldn't keep up with reparation payments

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