February 1917 Revolution

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February 1917 Revolution
1 Causes
1.1 Russo-Japanese war
1.2 living costs rose to 300%
1.3 workers strikes
1.4 23rd - Women's day turned to large protest by textile workers
1.5 little change from 1905
1.6 19th - bread rationing caused riots in Petrograd
1.7 industralisation created new class
2 Consequences
2.1 Petrograd soviet
2.1.1 appealed to people
2.1.2 controlled military
2.2 provisional government
2.2.1 unappealing to people
2.2.2 wanted to stay in war
2.2.3 made of duma members
2.3 dual authority over Russia
3 25th - Cossack troops refused to fire on demonstrators, guards refused
4 28th - Tsar asked Duma for shared power, they refused
5 government dissolved Duma, who formed provisional government
6 March 1st - workers soviet joined to form Petrograd soviet
7 Tsar boarded train to get back Petrograd
7.1 stopped by PG
7.2 asked to abdicate by PG
8 Tsar passed throne to brother who refused
8.1 ending Romanov dynasty rule
9 Tsar Responsible
9.1 weak, ill-prepared
9.2 refused to cooperate with Dumas
9.3 poor leadership
9.4 exposed weaknesses in leaving Tsarina in control of Russia during WW1
9.5 bloody sunday lost popularity
9.6 industralisation created new class tensions and wealthier middle class
9.7 repressive regime
9.8 WW1 impact
10 Provisional Government
10.1 Summer Offensive
10.1.1 PG planned to end war, but soldiers refused
10.1.2 PG blamed for continuation of war and starvation
10.2 July Days
10.2.1 soviet power spread, peasants ceased land
10.2.2 Lenin called the Bolsheviks to take power
10.2.3 PG put down oppposition
10.2.4 Lenin and Trotsky fled
10.3 Lenin
10.3.1 3rd April: arrives in Petrograd
10.3.2 4th April: april theses speech
10.3.3 promised peace, bread and land
10.3.4 said PG was far from political freedom
10.3.5 gained Bolshevik support
10.4 Kornilov Affair
10.4.1 came into petrograd to support PG
10.4.2 PG thought he was trying to takeover so arrested him
10.4.3 reduced PG support
10.5 little control over countryside
10.6 Kadets & Oktoberists
10.7 faced inflation and loans
10.8 increased grain price by 100% to encourage peasants to sell their grain
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