Deserts and Extreme Environments

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Deserts and Extreme Environments
1 Extreme Environment
1.1 A place which is hard to survive in due to multiple reasons
1.1.1 Lack of water
1.1.2 Lack of food
1.1.3 Climate
1.1.4 Weather
1.1.5 Transport
1.1.6 No shelter
1.2 Example of places
1.2.1 Deserts Sahara Antarctica
1.2.2 Mountains Mount Everest Andes
1.2.3 Rainforests
1.2.4 Near volcanoes
1.2.5 Natural catastrophes happen a lot
1.3 Responding diferently to extreme environments now
1.3.1 Training
1.3.2 Technology
1.3.3 Media
1.3.4 Equipment
2 Location of the main hot deserts
3 Describe what the graphs are showing about the weather
3.1 The higher the temperature, the less rainfall there is
3.2 There's no rainfall in the months of June, July and August and the tempertaure is above 30C
3.3 Include
3.3.1 Data
3.3.2 Months
3.3.3 Increases/decreases season
3.3.4 Links between Temp/Rain
4 Deserts are hot in the day and cold at night
4.1 During the day the sun's rays beat down on the ground making it warm
4.2 There are no clouds to shade the ground from the sun
4.3 There's no way to trap the heat so it is cold during the night
4.4 The air is heated too
4.5 The heat escapes at night due to no cloud cover
5 Why do deserts recieve little rainfall?
5.1 Rain shadow
5.1.1 Once the air cools and condenses there is little moisture left
5.1.2 Happens to deserts on the lee side of a mountain! Leeway side of the mountain is protected from the prevailing winds and is therefore drier
5.1.3 Source: National Geographic Education
5.2 Coastal Deserts
5.3 Prevailing Winds
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