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Describes the process of 'Diffusion' in a very dumbed down way. Includes picture and examples of diffusion in nature.

Luke Marney
Created by Luke Marney over 5 years ago
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1 High Concentration - Low Concentration
1.1 Concentration Gradient
1.2 Relatively equal concentration
1.2.1 Dynamic Equilibrium "Dynamic" because the particles are always moving
2 Partially Permeable Membranes


2.1 Only allows certain sized molecules to pass through
2.2 Membrane with many tiny gaps for molecules to pass through
3 Biology - Examples of Diffusion in nature
3.1 Cell Membrane
3.1.1 Diffusion of Glucose into cells
3.2 Neurons
3.2.1 Diffusion of Neurotransmitters
3.3 Digestion
3.3.1 Diffusion of Glucose int Bloodstream
4 Useful video called 'Cell Diffusion' by Brightstorm [youtube]

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