Stem Cells

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Stem Cells
1 After fertilisation, cell division takes place and a hollow ball of cells called an embryo is formed.
2 The cells on the inside of an embryo are called embryonic stem cells.
3 They are unspecialised (not designed for a particular job). As the embryo develops the cells begin to differentiate and change into different types of cell.
4 As the cells mature, they can no longer differentiate but some of our stem cells remain into adulthood.
5 For example, there are adult stem cells in our bone marrow which give rise to new blood cells.
6 Small numbers of stem cells remain in other body tissues as well.
7 If stem cells can be made to multiply and differentiate, we would have an unlimited supply of different types of cells, which could be transplanted into people whose tissues are damaged.
8 This is called stem cell theory.

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