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Mind Map on ICT OCR 1, created by Dellanie Begley on 03/19/2014.

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Dellanie Begley
Created by Dellanie Begley over 5 years ago
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1 Remote working
1.1 home working
1.1.1 Positives employer little bills save on rent employee flexable working hours don't have to move around much
1.1.2 Negatives Employee distractions little work done Employer cannot monitor employee
2 Data capture methods
2.1 sensors
2.1.1 temperature measuring the temerature for air conditioning controlling the temperature of a pool
2.1.2 pH measuringthe ph scale in a swimming pool
2.1.3 light measuring the light level in a room
2.1.4 pressure measuring the presence of someone in a room
2.2 data capture forms
2.2.1 Paper based no validation could cause problems as incorrect data may be inserted easily lost could be difficult to get another copy if misplaced
2.2.2 Online Limit type of data entered Drop down menus forced to chose from a selection of choices radio buttons selection of choices make 1 single choice preset format DD/MM/YYY single character for each box rarely used as sometimes little boxes are provided, more boxes may be needed Validation rules ensure that the data entered is in the correct format eg. correct amount of characters in a phone number, ensure no letters are used, only numbers
3 smartphones
3.1 features
3.1.1 camera can take before and after pictures
3.1.2 calender can keep track of jobs on what date
3.1.3 clock keep track of time whilst on the job
3.1.4 texting and calls can easily contact clients/bosses
3.1.5 internet access can easily solve a problem by searching the web
3.2 advantages
3.2.1 portable
3.2.2 many features
3.2.3 can be used for entertainment
3.3 disadvantages
3.3.1 delicate,will easily break
3.3.2 small, can easily be lost
3.3.3 can't do office tasks
3.3.4 little storage space
3.3.5 short battery life

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